Basic Description

The RINGEN (acronym of  Research INfrastructure for Geothermal ENergy) project is focused on creating professional background for research into effective utilisation of deep geothermal energy, a virtually endless source of renewable energy. The research infrastructure (RI) mainly comprises building of a highly specialised geothermal centre at the Litoměřice site, which will concentrate key equipment, technologies and background for research teams of 7 project partners: 3 universities, 3 institutes of the Czech Academy of Science, and the Czech Geological Survey. RINGEN is part of the Roadmap of Large Infrastructures for Research, Experimental Development and Innovation of the Czech Republic for 2016-2019.

The RI will also involves a unique monitoring network, which includes both ground seismometers and dilatometres and underground stations at the depth of 200 to 1500 m. The research activities will be based on a combination of a number of technological and geo-scientific disciplines and on testing in real-life conditions. The activities will be focused primarily on development and testing of new methods for evaluation of deep geothermal energy potential, development of technologies of rock permeability stimulation for creation of underground geothermal EGS exchangers and methods for seismic monitoring.

The results of the research will be broadly applicable, as they will contribute to more effective and more routine extraction of geothermal energy and contribute to lowering of costs for drilling works as such, increasing of energy performance of geothermal sources and elimination of potentially negative effects of underground heat extraction such as seismic shocks on the Earth’s surface. The results of the RI might be utilised in other areas within the construction and energy industries, such as underground construction or carbohydrate extraction. RI RINGEN is designed as one of the main hubs of the European network of geothermal testing sites.

RINGEN will start its full activity at the beginning of 2020.