Core facilities

Geothermal Research Centre (GTE)

GTE centre will be built partly as a new building and partly rebuilt an existing storage hall in the area of former barracks, which have been granted to Charles University free of charge by the city of Litoměřice. The testing geothermal borehole PVG-LT1 is situated there too. The building is composed of 4 laboratories, 2 study rooms, lecture hall and technical premises – the necessary facilities for implementation of the project’s research activities. The existing part of the hall will be used as storage of technical equipment, mobile technical equipment, for storing of collected samples etc.
The laboratory rooms are appropriate to the number of research programmes, and are going to be equipped with cutting edge technical devices. At the same time, the laboratories will be equipped with some devices already owned and used by RI RINGEN for ongoing research purposes.
The Litoměřice area means one of the best sites for probing geothermal technologies and the only place (within the Czech Republic) holding permission for exceptional Earth crust examination. These key assumptions enable us to build deep geothermal boreholes down to the 4 to 5 km and create geothermal heat exchanger to achieve clean energy from the depth.
Litoměřice city and its representatives support sustainable energy strategy and on their path to become a low-emission town, geothermal project stands as one of the most important milestones.

Centre of Experimental Geotechnics (CEG)

CEG is a modern experimental department, concerned with research and teaching activities with more than 20-year history. The Centre provides courses in Geotechnics Laboratory, Experimental Research of Radioactive Waste Repositories, Fire Safety of Underground Structures and Experimental Research on Nuclear Waste Disposal. The courses focus on practical laboratory tests and experiments in geotechnics, as well as on in-situ tests, and on measurements of building foundations and underground structures. Computer technology is mainly used in continual measurements of geotechnical parameters performed both in laboratory and in field conditions.
CEG operates the Josef Underground Laboratory and the Regional Underground Research Centre (URC) Josef. They represent spaces providing practical teaching for students, a unique place for experimental and research projects and providing service to private companies in related fields of interest. CEG widely cooperates with industry. It provides professional services in determining geotechnical parameters of soil and rock environments. It also conducts the monitoring of underground structures, special building structures and others. The CEG staff members are involved in research projects around underground structures (modern tunnelling technologies), ecology (waste storage) and physical modelling of geotechnical problems.