Organizational Structure

The Managing Board is responsible for all strategic aspects. It determines the main stages of the project in terms of outputs and their extent, quality, time and budget. It is also accountable for the project success towards the partners and the Ministry of Education. The Board is chaired by the Research Infrastructure (RI) Director, who has the decision-making right and who is liable for the project implementation.

The International Scientific Board, established in 2015, comprises internationally renowned experts in the area of research and utilisation of geothermal energy. Currently, the committee members include representatives from Germany, France and Switzerland. One of its particular goals is to contribute to international exchange of researchers and students and to increasing the awareness of this research infrastructure and its services among the international community.

The Project Manager is responsible for correctness of administrative tasks such as maintaining operational records, administrative processing of project changes, reporting related to project implementation as well as of files and statistics. The project manager is also responsible for tasks assigned by the management committee and for day-to-day coordination of project activities.

All activities within RI are specified in the RI Statute.

Executive Chairman of the Managing Board

   prof. RNDr. Tomáš Fischer, Ph.D.

Managing Board

     RNDr. Jan Šafanda, CSc.

     doc. Ing. Jiří Ščučka, Ph.D.

     prof. Dr. Ing. Jiří Maryška, CSc.

     Ing. Jiří Šťástka, Ph.D.

     RNDr. Josef Stemberk, CSc.

     Mgr. Zdeněk Venera, Ph.D.

International Scientific Board

   prof. Dr. Francois Cornet ( 2020)

   prof. Dr. Torsten Dahm, GFZ Potsdam, Germany

   prof. Dr. Jean Schmittbuhl,EOST Strasbourg, France

   Dr. Peter Meier, Geo-ENergie Suisse, Swiss

   prof. Dr. David Bruhn, Ph.D., TU Delft, Netherlands/Fraunhofer IEG, Germany

   RNDr. Jan Šafanda, CSc., Institute of Geophysics ASCR, Czechia

   RNDr. Martin Procházka, Aquatest Inc., Czechia

Project Manager

   Mgr. Antonín Tym, Ph.D.

RI Statute    PDF-file

Download  Statute [258.1 kB, pdf]
Statut [131.7 kB, pdf]